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POS Operator Reveals How Money Can Be Withdrawn Illegally from Someone’s Account



A young Point of Sale (POS) operator has warned people against getting scammed by fellow operators. According to him, money can be fraudulently withdrawn from the account of someone who patronised a POS vendor. The kind man shared tips on how to avoid getting scammed, and people appreciated him on social media.

A Nigerian man has received accolades from people after dishing out a piece of advice on how to avoid being defrauded.

The young man who revealed he has been in Point of Sale (POS) business for over five years said it could be used for fraud.
According to him, someone’s Bank Verification Number (BVN) can be stolen during a transaction which will be subsequently used to empty the victim’s account.

Kind POS operator shares tips to avoid scam
He advised people who patronise POS operators to make sure they hold the machine till it approves the transaction.

After the transaction has been approved, the customer should press the red (cancel) button so that the transaction and card details will be erased from the POS system.

According to him, if this is not done, the POS vendor, if fraudulent, can access the customer’s BVN and send it to fraudsters who would hack into the account and empty it.

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“Once you give them your ATM card, no ever make this mistake. Make sure you no give them the card. Stay with the card then press cancel”, he warned in the video.

Nigerians share their thoughts
Onestopshop_solutions said:

“There’s always an option to make transfer instead.”

Rashida.dee stated:

“This is really good information o, thank you for sharing.”

Chuksokonkwoofficial wrote:

“I use only one card for business transaction and I transfer money to the account anytime I want make use of it.”

Alpha.lima.foxtrot said:

“It’s a design glitch! The manufacturer no get sense & d bad side be say we no even dey manufacture anyone for Naija sef.”

Officiallensesmedia remarked:

“But then if someone can access my account via my BVN that mean our bank security are not doing anything rather only taken our money for maintenance for free.”

Naijaluxuryautos reacted:

“I never leave money in my card account. I always do a transfer from my main account to my card everytime I want to pay for stuff. It’s stressful, but it’s a smart way to live.”

Fosteeagu noted:

“Pos business is an illegal activity and government should look into it.”

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