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Oldest Nigerian alive? 126-year-old man discovered alive and strong in Imo state



According to the breakdown shared by World Life Expectancy, a Nigerian male life expectancy is 61.2, while that of a female is 64.1, putting the West African country’s ranking at 167, but one man is living proof that Nigerians sure always beat expectations and can exceed that mark.

How Luke Ahama Nwachukwu was discovered Mr Luke Ahama Nwachukwu popularly known as Oshimili (which means ocean when translated from Igbo language) is currently aged 126 and is not just very much alive but strong for that age. learnt discovered about the Imo state indigene after his grandson, Mr Ephraim N. Nwachukwu proudly showed him off on LinkedIn. In September 2021, Ephraim shared a video on LinkedIn of his grandfather cutting wood with a cutlass without being aided.

The young man revealed that his grandfather, a native roof maker, is still very strong that he rides his bicycle himself. He added that the old man was a local wrestler when he was younger and has never cheated anyone.

Did Luke Ahama Nwachukwu envisage living this long on planet earth? reached out to Ephraim to ascertain the authenticity of his claim and this was confirmed. In a recorded telephone conversation at the behest of, Luke who spoke in Igbo affirmed that he is 126 years old. The native of Aboh Mbaise in Imo however stated that he unfortunately cannot share his birth certificate with as he cannot find it.

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When quizzed about if he imagined living this long, he remarked:

“If you could ask me, I would say I didn’t believe I would stay up till this time, so I didn’t imagine so.” Luke was also not sure how much more he wants to remain on earth, but certainly looked forward to more years.

“I can’t say, it is in God’s hands, but I know we still have more years,” he said. On the secret to his long life, Luke attributed it to God’s grace. He said: “It is in God’s hand, it is God, so in God’s hands.”

Is Luke wife is still alive? learnt that his wife is still alive. The aged woman identified as Cyrena Nwachukwu got married to Luke when she was a youth but couldn’t tell her exact age. Cyrena took off from where Luke stopped in the course of the phone interview and answered the remaining questions asked.

On the secret to their successful marriage, the woman who spoke in Igbo said: “Since I came and I took him as my husband and he took me as his wife, there’s no quarrel we both have, if we had been quarreling, we would have had problems.

“And there’s no time I ran back to my father’s house.” Cyrena also had a word of advice to young couples towards a lasting marriage. “Advise I’ll give them is this, the woman, you’re the one that agreed to marry the man after looking at him and the man you’re the one that looked at her and said you’ll marry her, both of you should be one body, you shouldn’t be two persons, not go here and there, your food and drink should be one (i.e eat and drink together), that way you won’t have problems.”

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World’s oldest person dies at the age of 119

Meanwhile, previously reported that the world’s oldest person, Kane Tanaka, had passed away at age 119. The news of her death was broken by Senior Gerontology consultant Robert Young, who was also instrumental in confirming Kane’s record as the oldest person living and oldest person living (female) in 2019.

The old woman had been living at a rest home in Fukuoka and enjoyed playing board games and doing maths. Kane was also known to have a sweet tooth and on the day her official Guinness World Records certificate was presented to her, she also received a box of chocolates. She couldn’t help but start eating them immediately.

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