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Northern Youths Hold Summit, Says No Nigeria Without Peter Obi



The Spokesperson, Peter Obi Support Network, (POSN) Comrade Sani Saeed Altukry, has called on Nigerians to ensure they get their Permanent Voters Card (PVCS) as the 2023 Nigeria general elections draw closer in other to get the desired results.

Sani made the call during the Obi/Baba Ahmed Northern submit, held in Kaduna on Tuesday, to commemorate the 61st birthday of the Labour Party candidate, His Excellency Peter Obi.
According to him, the permanent voters card (PVCs) is the surest way to change the status quo of the contemporary challenges facing Nigeria as a nation.

Speaking further, the Spokesperson said: “The Peter Obi’s movement is a divine mandate that cannot be stopped by any force on earth” adding that the people has the sole responsibility of ensuring that competence hands are voted in 2023 to govern the affairs of the country.

“We are here today to celebrate the birthday of our Icon, His Excellency, Peter Obi. I want to call on everyone who believes in this movement to go get their PVCS which is the surest way to change the status quo.”

In thesame vein, the Governorship Candidate of Labour Party, Kaduna State, Mr. Shunom Adinga, expressed that the emergence of Peter Obi has given many Nigerians hope.
He said “Nigeria is bleeding. If not for the emergence of Obi, there would be no Nigeria. But the movement has given many Nigerians greater hope and aspirations.

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“Obi is an environmental strategist. His structural strategies in management firm in Anambra has attracted other states in the country including international society. Other states were in debt but he turned Human and social resources to capital resources. Canada, Australia, among others, Visited Anambra due to Obi’s creative ideas.

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