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No One Would Offer You A Life Even If It’s Raining Fire – Nigerian Lady Cries Out Over Absence Of Helpful Hands In UK



A Nigerian woman living in the UK lamented how challenging it is to provide assistance to those in need..

She was probably on her way to work when she encountered challenges for which nobody thought to provide help.

She uploaded a video of herself moving, and in the background, it looked as though it had just finished raining heavily. The young woman lamented that no one in the European nation showed concern or care for her as they passed her in the pouring rain.

Even if it started to pour fire and they saw individuals trapped in the raging storm, she argues that the situation is so dire that no one would help. She pondered why they bothered to be so self-absorbed and even referred to their behavior as dumb.

She said;

“You guys are stup!d in UK , why?”

Watch the video below;

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