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Nnamdi Kanu was right Buhari is dead – Former CJTF reveals



According to a former CJTF member, a Christian from Borno State who have lived almost half of his life close to Boko Haram.

Currently in Lagos as a bike rider, he killed many Boko members during his time in CJTF.

I won’t be revealing his real name to protect his identity so I will refer to him in this as “X”.

I met this young vibrant youth who will be clocking 30 soon. Won’t reveal the exact date he told me.

According to him Boko Haram is made up of both Christians and Muslims, he also revealed that they are political motivated.

He blamed the leaders of the northern Nigeria for the horror in the region.

According to X, he alleged that Buhari died during the 6 month period while he was in UK receiving treatment. “The current man there is from Niger” he said, and that’s why he’s building rail way to Niger and also why he gave out 1.4billions for them to buy luxurious cars.

Now the part above contradict what Nnamdi Kanu said that the current man is Jubril from Sudan.

X was so confident when he said that Buhari didn’t go into his office for 81 days after his return from sick leave in UK and blamed rats so they can repair and add the finger prints of the current Buhari from Niger.

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I haven’t seen such a learned and well spoken Hausa dude before though his accent was ever present and noticeable.

He alleged that the cabal are tying to kill Buhari so the secret doesn’t come out after his tenure, hence the recent series of attack on his Convoy.

At this point I was like, since you guys know all these why do you guys still allow them to used you especially during election? He replied, “lack of Education “

He also called the leaders in the North the real Boko Haram.

I now had to ask him hope they aren’t going to vote for same people again that will enslave them, before I could finish he said they are all voting Obi, he also revealed that many of him people in the North have donated houses for labour party office.

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