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“Nigeria Would’ve Begged S’East To Take Up 2023 Presidency If” – Kanu’s Brother Reveals Secrets



The South East governors and political leaders have been chastised by Kanunta Kanu, the younger brother of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the jailed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, for losing a wonderful opportunity that would have made Nigeria ask the region to produce the President in 2023.

He said that the Federal Government would now be pleading with them to assume the presidency and continue to reside in Nigeria if leaders from the zone had not worked against his brother and the Biafra cause.

Speaking at the Ikengaonline virtual town hall gathering, Kanunta said that the Nigerian authorities would have taken the agitation for Biafra more seriously and called for negotiations if the political elite from the region had shown support for it.

He regretted that the Igbo political elite had also been “used and dumped” by the federal powers while working against Ndigbo’s interests in their attempt to appease them.

Kanunta also lamented the South East political elite’s reluctance to speak out about the existential security threat presented by the region’s frightening herdsmen.

He added that if the political elite identified with the cause, it would be simpler to actualize Biafra.

“Even strategically speaking, our political leaders fall short. If they had allied themselves with the Biafra freedom struggle, Nigeria would have invited them to discuss and even offered them the presidency on a silver platter.

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He regretted that the political class and governors in the South East had opted to keep their mouths shut out of political correctness, as opposed to firmly promoting the cause of the region.

He claimed that although his brother “is being punished today not because he committed any crime,” but rather because of his ardent desire to gain liberation for the downtrodden people of the South-East, the leaders in the region have left him to his fate, his brother is still being tortured.

Kanunta charged the South East leaders for being insensitive and careless with the region’s future.

“My brother has been detained for more than a year after being extradited from Kenya to Nigeria. Furthermore, it is impossible for our leaders to discuss him or Biafra.

Why aren’t South East Governors and Leaders discussing the murders and kidnappings committed by Fulani herdsmen in our region? Insecurity was brought into our country by the bandits, but our leaders have failed to discuss these issues; instead, everyone is focused on the 2023 elections.

“If they slaughter everyone, who will vote for them in 2023? My brother is currently going through pain as a result of telling the truth. He is there because he opposes our people’s isolation and repression.

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“Bandits have been introduced into our country; Imo State alone has almost 3,000 of them. They are the ones abducting and killing our people, but no one is speaking out about it. It might also interest you to read

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