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Man Arrested For Stoning His Children To Death For Refusing To Pronounce “God



A 25-year-old man identified as Elisha Tari has reportedly been arrested by the authorities for allegedly murdering his two children in Adamawa State.

Following a disagreement, Tari and his wife and the mother of their two children split up two months ago. Tari is accused of repeatedly hitting the victims with stones and sticks till they died.

He was on the point of fleeing to Cameroon when he was apprehended, according to a statement released on Saturday by SP Suleman Nguroje, the spokesperson for the Adamawa Police Command. His father had reported him to the police.

The suspect after his arrest narrated that the incident happened on one faithful Thursday when he was preparing his children’s meal and inquired from them as to when their mother would return back home.

“It happened last Thursday, I was preparing their meal, I enquired to know if they had any idea when their mother would forgive me and return home to us; they kept mute. I also asked them to repeat after me and pronounce “God”; they refused, instead they shouted “fire” and kept yelling “fire”, repeatedly“, he said.

“I got provoked, coupled with the fact that their mother had been gone for over two months; leaving me all alone with all the frustrations of raising them. I’ve tried several times to placate my wife to return home but was blocked by her parents“, he added.

When he was inquired if he has ever engaged in drugs, the suspect confessed that he drinks alcohol and inhale stuff.

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