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Little boy rescued after he was accused of being a witch, killing his mother and inflicting grandmother with sickness in Akwa Ibom



Popular Danish humanitarian worker, Anja Ringgren Lovén and her team have rescued a young boy who was accused of being a witch, kiling his mother, inflicting his grandmother with sickness.

According to Lovén, the boy identified as Joseph was being tortured to reveal what he wasn’t and it was a very emotional case when they got wind of the distress condition.

She wrote;

“It’s been a very emotional and busy month at Land of Hope. We have rescued 3 children and I have only introduced you to Samuel and Mighty,”

The third child that was rescued is Joseph. He was accused of being a witch. He was accused of inflicting his grandmother with sickness while killing his late mother when he was 6 years old.

David Emmanuel Umem and Nsidibe Orok were alerted about the case and found Joseph in a distress condition.

He has been in severe emotional and physical torture for years in the family house. He was never allowed to go to school due to the stigma. The community claimed that he could initiate other children to the witchcraft coven

The case is under investigation. Joseph has been at Land of Hope for 6 weeks and has changed so much from being very depressed to feeling joy and happiness looking forward to start school after the summer break

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With Samuel, Mighty and Joseph we now have 88 children at Land of Hope. We really need all the support we can get now.

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