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Labour Party Candidate Peter Obi Visits Afrobeat Singer, Femi Kuti (Video)



Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s nominee for president, paid Afrobeat musician Femi Anikulapo- Kuti a visit at his home..

The musician released a video on his Instagram page a few days prior to Obi’s visit explaining why he will never endorse the “Obidient” movement. In response to the criticism he faced when some alleged he branded the Labour party presidential candidate’s supporters “Zombies,” Kuti released the video.

“First let us be clear. What did I say. I said I am too sad, angry, depressed to be obidient. I said how can anybody come up with that term? How can you be obidient? How? Me I can’t be obidient in this country. EndSARS, killings, my grandmother was killed, my father’s house burnt, the oppresion of my family…and I supposed to be obident? Do you know the meaning of obidient? When they tell you to sit down, you will sit down, stand up you will stand up..

Me I can’t be Obidient. Obi himself was friends with Atiku. He became Atiku’s Vice President. So if he is Atiku’s Vice President that means they are parlies. So I can’t understand …and if they have won the election, they will be parlies, kissing and hugging each other now. Is it a lie? Will they not have been doing that?

Did I call Peter Obi’s supporters Zombies? Did I say that? No! I don’t know what the term means and I am not using it for myself. Do I support Obi? No! Do I support Atiku? Definitely not! Do I support Tinubu? Please don’t look for my trouble?”he said

A video released online this afternoon shows Obi and Femi together.

”My own dear brother Femi, I saw what he tweeted and I said, no, that is not what the society needs. We need a campaign based on issues that affect Nigeria. That is what I came here to do.” Obi said

Watch video below;

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