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“I Own You And I Can Use You 10 Times A Day” – Wife Reactions As Man Jokingly Tells Her After She Refused To ‘Knack’



A video that captured a hilarious exchange between a man and his wife after she refused to have sex with him is was shared online.

Apparently, the wife had turned down her husband’s advance. This prompted him to bring out the long bride price list he had received from her family, all of which he had to fulfill before he married her.

In the viral video, the man, while holding the two-page traditional marriage list, jokingly told his wife that he had paid all his dues, so he owns her now, and she has to do his bidding.

“I did not owe anybody one dime in this list. Can you see the list? About seven departments collected money from my hand just to marry you and you are telling me you will not go six rounds. I am sorry for you. I settled all the departments in your village so it means I own you Nne. I can use you ten times a day”, he said.

In the background, the wife was laughing hysterically as she recorded her husband’s response to her refusal to engage in sexual activity and posted the video on her Tiktok page.

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