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“I Dey Craze? I No Won Look Young” – Mr Ibu Berates Barber During Haircut, Says He Only Wants to Appear Fresh (Video)



Veteran entertainer Mr Ibu has sparked funny reactions from fans and followers on social media after he was spotted in a video post.

As usual, the actor’s daughter was present with him when he went to get a haircut and she made sure to capture the moment on camera.

After the haircut had been almost completed, the barber admired the results and mentioned how Ibu appeared much younger than his age.

However, this was a compliment that didn’t go down well with the actor who is already in his sixties. Mr Ibu was quick to shut the barber down and ask why he would want to look younger than he is.

The entertainer said he prefers to look fresh as opposed to looking younger..


Do you know daddy speaks uhrobo well?

♬ original sound – Ladyjasminec

loicezuze said: “He is looking good in that cut.”

donkizy82 said: “Thank God daddy is back again fully.”

IAmDeVarez said: “Woah! Mr Ibu barb my type of hair style and come still speak my language .”

KleinerJunge GroßerGott said: “This man total complete vibe. Mr ibu. Massive love ❤️.”

Thomas washer said: “I love you sir looking good on your haircut”

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