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Doctors Say This Is The Best Age For Men To Start Having S*x, Do You Agree?



Men and women reach puberty at around the same time. A man’s body undergoes substantially different modifications than a woman’s.

When males reach puberty, their testosterone levels grow, and they begin to notice changes in their bodies. Around this age, kids begin to grasp what erections are.

However, even at their peak puberty age of 9 to 15 years, guys are not as emotionally evolved as girls. And this might lead to guys making hasty judgments, such as having sex.

As a result, when individuals reach the adult stage, which occurs after the age of 17, they begin to grasp the consequences of their actions better.

Their bodies are more able to deal with the emotions that might arise after intercourse. As a result, 18 is the optimal age for guys to begin having sex in order to deal with the baggage it entails, both physically and emotionally.

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