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Cameroonian woman arrested at airport while trying to flee after killing 2 and injuring one in the US



A Cameroonian woman, Raïssa Kengne, has been arrested for allegedly killing two persons and injuring another in Atlanta Midtown on Monday afternoon, August 22.

She is said to have specifically targeted her victims because both men were linked to a lawsuit she filed against her former employer earlier this year.

The deceased – Westley Freeman, 41, and Michael Shinners, 60, were named in the lawsuit as defendants and she accused them of conspiring against her with her former employer.

In a 407-page complaint, Raïssa accused them of harassment, intimidation, threats, burglary, computer hacking, phone spoofing, and other attacks.

She also took to LinkedIn to reveal that she started her own company because of the mistreatment she suffered in her former job.

Well, Raïssa decided to take laws into her own hands on Monday afternoon and stormed the residence of her two victims in different locations at Atlanta Midtown, and opened fire at them.

In the first location at 1280 W. Peachtree Street, she killed one person and fatally wounded another, while in the second location at 1100 Peachtree Street, she killed another victim.

Concerned residents placed a call to the police and they discovered that the shooting was carried out by the same person.

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“The lookout for both of the shooters, we found out quickly, was the same person. It was a female that was matching the same description that was seen in this area,” said Interim Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum.

A state wide search began immediately to track down the suspect and she was arrested two hours later at the airport.

A picture shared with FOX 5 shows Raïssa dressed in a black and white stripped shirt and blue jeans, standing handcuffed in front of the Truist Bank ATMs in the South Terminal.

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