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#BBNaijaS7: Eviction show drama, as Big Brother merges Level Up Housemates



Big Brother, on Sunday, made another twist in the Level Up season by merging Level 1 and Level 2 housemates..

Last week, Biggie asked housemates in their diary sessions which housemates they would like to swap.

During the eviction show on Sunday, Biggie asked Level 1 housemates to pack their bags, and move to the arena, to the shock of the housemates.

After the eviction of Kess, and Pharmsavi, Level 1 housemates were ordered by Biggie to move from their multi-coloured house to the black and white apartment.

Level 2 housemates had been reduced to 7 after Khalid, Christy O, Cyph, and Ilebaye were evicted earlier on the show.

Level 1 housemates had enjoyed eviction immunity for three weeks, due to the performances of Hermes, Adekunle and Eloswag during the Head of House games.

Following the merger, the house levels have been scrapped. Each housemate now plays the game for their own glory and safety.

Biggie also announced that housemates’ votes will now decide those to be up for eviction, and only the head of house will be immune to eviction.

Twenty one housemates are now left in the Level Up context.

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