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Young Man Cries Bitterly As Government Banned Prost!tution In The State (Video below)



A young man has lamented bitterly after Obaseki, the governor of Edo state banned street walkers.

The state of Edo’s decision to outlaw prost!tution has been fiercely contested by the young guy.

In a video, he sobbed as he discussed how unfair it is to expel the girls from the state since they were helping males who were depr*ssed.

The man claimed that since government officials would also be impacted by the ban, doing away with prost!tution would be hypocritical.

Remember that the state administration and police began the operation “kick-out prost!tution,” and a recent viral video series showed when some females were being ejected.

The lack of alternative employment opportunities for the girls before the government decided to shut down their firm, in the young man’s opinion, was also a bad thing.

Watch the video below:

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