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“What I Did When My Mother Refuses To Collect Money From Me Until I Tell Her Where I Generate Wealth From” – Man Laments (Details below)



A 31 years old man from Anambra state said his mother refuses to collect money from him until he disclose to her where he generate his wealth.

The aged mother who is in her 70’s repeatedly rejected his offer of money to her that she cannot accept any financial offer from him because she didn’t know where the money comes from.

The aged mother said her son is not working, but always gives financial assistance to people who are in need. When asked where did he got money? He has not been able to give her a straight forward answer.

However, his friends are always around him seeking for help and he gives out liberally and benevolently. The refusal of the aged mother poses concern to many people who began to be inquisitive about where he got his wealth.

As he cannot answer the question vividly to the satisfaction of the old mother. His friends began to desert him and many of them started peddling different kinds of rumour against him.

So he can no longer hide it from his mother and the friends who have continue to pollute the minds of people against him. He decided to reveal the secret of his wealth to his mother at home.

According to the man,he got his money and wealth through Spiritual means. He further explained in simple term to the mother that, he met a friend who is a billionaire that introduced him to QUEEN MOTHER SPIRITUAL TEMPLE, made him to be wealthy.

The aged mother was said to have accused him of been economical with the truth. She urged him to go and declare himself to the public and she can only accept his financial offer when the public gives him a clean bill of health.

Based on the misunderstanding of the mother. He took courage to declare how he got his wealth on Sunday after service in a new generation church where the family worship. He said nothing is impossible under the son and nothing is hiding under the earth. He publicly declared that he didn’t make his wealth through dubious means. He is not an armed robber nor a crook who forcefully take what does not belong to him.

After all the preamble, he told the audience that he made his wealth through Spiritual means that does not have any thing to do with human blood. He said he would have not make this public declaration, but it would be horrific and heart rendering, if you have money and your mother who is alive refuses to collect money given to her by you.

Honestly, it is bad and doesn’t give you a good name when your mother is languishing in abject poverty and people referred to you a big man. The spiritual means of getting money have no side effects either in the future or nearest time.

You may find out from Queens Mother Spiritual temple,if you are not satisfied with my submission. The Spiritualist is a well nurtured , anointed and ordained by the ancestors.

Your encounter with him will definitely change your life in different ways.

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