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“We Will Killed 100 Hausas for Any Single Fulani killed” – Notorious Fulani Bandits Decleared



Since the emergence of BBC Eye documentary, mix reaction has begins to Trail of the Real on what is happening in the North.

For years, Federal government of Nigeria has been painting the real situation going in the North, but yesterday BBC Eye documentary exposed the real situation going.

On listening to some of the Fulani bandits leaders in that documentary, it could be observed that the real situation in the North is not about terrorism, it about ethnic war.

The war is between Fulanis and Hausas who has co-habit with each for years peacefully.

One of the Bandits leader in that documentary, mostly the notorious leader who surrendered and later pick ups arm again said in one of his Speech that they will killed 100 Hausas for any Single Fulanis killed.

Where did Fulanis Bandits get their Guns and Ammunition?

According to the bandits leaders in that documentary, they used money gain from Kidnapping to buy more weapons.

In the case of secondary students kidnapped in Zamfara state which was later release after government intervention, the leaders of the terrorist reveal that state government pay them 60 millions before they release the abducted students.

And the money was used to buy more guns and recruit more Fulanis youths into banditry.

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Now what is the roots Cause of Fulanis and Hausas crisis?

In the video, the bandits leaders attribute the cause of them taking arms as a result of neglect from the government.

They Fulanis has been marginalized all over the world, and their only ways to speak their mind is killing innocent people.

They further points out that they are frustrated, their cows has no land for grazing, and they find it difficult to see water and the government never care about them.

Now in the sides of Hausas, them says they fighting to defend themselves.

In the documentary, some of the Hausas community leaders who took journalist to mass grave were over 300 people killed by Fulanis bandits says that in many occasions write to state government to give guns to fight the Fulanis, but government didn’t respond.

The questions that deserves an answer now is, President Muhammadu Buhari who is Fulani refuse to care for them, why killings innocent people?

In the northern States, most of their leaders are Fulanis, governors, emirs are all Fulanis, so why killings innocent people?

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