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“We Don Tire” – Young Man Takes Loudspeaker To Market, Preaches About Voting And PVC (Video below)



A young Nigerian man has been named a Permanent Voters’ Card evangelist due to the peculiar way he encouraged people to get theirs
Just like a religious preacher, the young man took to the streets with a loudspeaker and told people they needed to vote.

Nigerians on Twitter have hailed the man’s action, commending him for encouraging people to vote as the 2023 elections approach
Just like a religious preacher, a Nigerian man has been spotted in a video preaching to people about the need for them to cast their votes.

In the video shared on Twitter by @kobokolaugh, the young man told people to vote their conscience come 2023.

Encouraging Nigerians to vote in the 2023 elections. In the short clip, Nigerians gathered to listen to the young man as he shared his message.

He also discouraged the youth against thuggery and ballot box snatching, saying politicians don’t send their children to do such.

The young advised the masses against selling their votes to politicians, saying the money they collect cannot even last 2 days, and they are back to suffering.

Watch the video below:

Nigerians on Twitter react

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@kingboyini said:

“It’s a thing of put you power where your mouth is! If I’m tired of Nigeria this election follow concern me.”

@damidelicacies commented:

“This dude is doing a good job. When that man was looking at him he shouted “You never tire?”

@Thintewa reacted:

“You are doing just fine. Also tell them, for any zone you are where it is obtainable there so they can go to that exact location.”

@Elchukx said:

“This guy is doing the Lord’s work with so much passion. You love to see.”

@kennyokoye10 commented:

“This guy deserves to be on the national dailys for doing the right thing. I am proud of you. and am sure u have given inspiration and hope to millions too out there. Our future is in our hands.”

Man to trek from Bauchi state to Lagos state in support of Bola Tinubu.

In a related story, reported that a man announced his plans to trek from Bauchi to Lagos state in support of the presidential ambition of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu .

The man named Alhaji Usman Madaki insisted on embarking on the journey to support his preferred candidate.

Nigerians who saw the story, however, warned him, telling him that those who trekked for politicians in the past had fallen sick.

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