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“The post stays up and nobody is getting an apology” – Solomon Buchi slams critics of his contentious post about his fiancée



Popular Online life coach Solomon Buchi has said he will not apologise for his viral post about his fiancee..

He said the controversial post that “rendered many people jobless” will not be deleted.

Solomon also addressed his 2020 post where he condemned the same action he exhibited.

He said people are allowed to grow and change their views and he has outgrown the old ideology.

Solomon had gone viral after he posted that his fiancée is not the most beautiful or most intelligent woman but he chose her.

This is in contrast to his 2020 post where he said even if your woman is not the most beautiful, emotional intelligence demands that you do not point it out. He added at the time that he will never say his woman isn’t the most beautiful.

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