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Tell Men To Be Protective And Faithful – Sanusi Lamido’s Wife Informs Clerics As She Slams Men Who Run Away From Wives And Children During Bandit Attack



One of Sanusi Lamido’s wives, Maryam Sanusi, has chastised husbands for having a tendency to flee their families in the wake of bandit attacks..

Mrs. Sanusi described how some men left their pregnant spouses behind to fight off bandits who broke into their homes in a picture she uploaded on her Instagram page.

She emphasized that religious authorities constantly instruct women to remain strongly by their husbands in both good and terrible times. and questioned why men are not given the same message.

She continued by saying that men should learn to be “Faithful, True, Loyal and Protective” and that simply supporting their family does not constitute being a good man.

Read her post below;

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