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“People Over There Are Totally Disorganized” – Ukrainian Lady Shares Her Dislikes After Visiting Nigeria



A Ukrainian woman who recently visited Nigeria has taken to social media to highlight some of the things that irked her during her visit to the African country.

The lady in a video detailing her experience in the “Giant of Africa” said there’s too much noise in the country and that people are not well organized.

She went on to recount how people she met tried to exploit her. According to her, people in Nigeria just want to collect money from people on the road.

She noted that she spotted a lizard in the hotel room, where she lodged during her visit, and that the cows she saw were scrawny and poorly nourished.

Meanwhile, Erik Gleibermann, an international journalist and cultural and literary critic, has averred that drivers in Lagos see red lights as annoying suggestions.

The social justice, who appears to be currently in Nigeria, stated this via his Twitter handle Thursday, July 7, while sharing his experience in the country’s commercial city.

He suggested that the majority of Lagos drivers violate traffic rules by running red lights.

“I am enjoying Lagos, though this feeling is tempered by the fact that drivers here regard red lights as annoying suggestions. #Lagos #Nigeria”, his tweet read.

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