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Okada Riders Shower Their Colleague By Force In Street For Refusing To Bath Over A Year (Video below)



A motorcyclist better known in local parlance as ‘okada rider’ is fast going viral on social media after a video of him taking a by-force shower was shared online.

In the footage that has surfaced on many profiles including that of the rising blog, @alreadyviralofficial, the young man tried resisting the activity he was being put through against his will but it did not work.

Why the okada rider was bathed by force A man behind one of the several cameras the were recording the scene was heard explaining why the gentleman was being taken through the ordeal in the words:

“He doesn’t like bathing, he hasn’t bath for over 3 years now. What kind of person is this? The smell alone is enough to judge but today whether he likes it or not, he will be given a clean bath”.

Cons of bathing too little According to Webmd, when one does not shower enough, the buildup of oils can also cause a buildup of the bacteria that causes acne. Dirt and dead skin can add to the problem by clogging pores.

In a nutshell, too little bathing could mean more pimples. The buildup of oils can cause other skin problems too: the flaking away of skin on your scalp (dandruff), and flareups of existing skin conditions like eczema.

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Watch the video below

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