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Instrumentalists Should Be Paid If Pastors Are Being Paid For Doing God’s Work – Master Garzy



Christians and churchgoers have disagreed on the topic of whether instrumentalists who perform during services should be compensated or not..

Mix One of Ghana’s best beat makers, Master Garzy, who got his start in the church at a young age, believes that if pastors get paid, instrumentalists also deserve some payment.

On Cape Coast’s Drive with Amansan Krakye, Kastle FM, the record producer was asked if it was acceptable for musicians to get paid for doing God’s work.

He replied “As for this issue I think that if the pastors are being paid for doing God’s work then I think the instrumentalists should also be paid for doing the same.

“Because the pastor preaches to the congratulation and they’re paid for their services or on monthly basis they’re being sorted out,”

He added, “Then we also see playing an instrument as a career s at the end of the day I think that the instrumentalist should also be given something to support us in coming to church every day”.

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