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“I Did Not Know I Was Pregnant” – 22yrs Old Lady Who Gave Birth In Toilet Says



A 22-year-old woman has gotten the surprise of her life after she delivered a bouncing baby girl while she was relieving herself in the toilet.

Recently got her monthly period Lucy Jones, a resident of Bristol, England, said she was not aware she had been pregnant after she thought she recently got her monthly period.

According to New York Post, the new mother got a big surprise in the bathroom when she heard a crash and upon looking down she saw a pair of feet sticking out.

She immediately called the emergency services who arrived and were equally stunned at the incident. Lucy said:

“I had no idea I was pregnant until I saw the baby in the toilet.” Lucy, a trainee flight attendant, disclosed she had experienced back and stomach pains the previous night.

The new mother insisted that she was taking birth control pills. Nigerian woman gives birth inside a commercial bus In a related story, reported that a Nigerian woman gave birth inside a commercial bus.

The mum was said to have been traveling to Port Harcourt, Rivers state when she suddenly went into labour. Passersby and kind passengers helped her to deliver her baby successfully.

The woman’s story warmed many hearts on social media. Nigerian couple welcomes a set of triplets dedicates baby in grand style reported that a Nigerian man, Nnamdi Nwankwo, and his wife were blessed with a set of triplets after 25 years of waiting.

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The beautiful kids were dedicated at the Assemblies of God Church, Ojodu, Lagos to the admiration of many. When their story broke online, many were inspired by the great testimony even as some people tapped into it and prayed for such great blessings to come their way.

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