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Banana Seller Gets Involved In An Accident After Laying A Curse On a Pregnant Woman



A Nigerian woman identified as aunty Rainbow on TikTok has narrated how God fought for her during and after pregnancy. Rainbow in a TikTok video, revealed how a banana seller insulted her during her pregnancy and vowed that it will end in tears.

She went through weeks and months of complications and was not able to deliver her baby when due.

Fortunately, against all odds, the strong woman put to bed a beautiful baby girl. Weeks after delivery, she passed by the banana seller’s shop and discovered that she fell into a gutter and broke both legs. She is currently using crutches. Sharing the story via her official TikTok account @auntyrainbow, she said:

“Who remembered that banana seller that said my 9 month pregnancy journey will end in tears? I passed her shop today evening and saw her walking with two crutches stick. I was told she fell inside gutter and broke both legs. I feel for her but it’s God’s judgement she is facing. I didn’t only had my baby. God also vindicate me. My baby stayed almost 44 weeks in my belle with lots of complications. Her curse worked but God showed her that he’s more powerful than any human.”

TikTok users react to the video

@dammyteeorganics said: “I knew this will happen I just kept quiet cos who insult or curse a pregnant woman??? Who does that! God is not blind or deaf .”

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@puresoklin stated: “If God is with you, who can stand against you..”

@user5498262439053 reacted: “those that wait upon the Lord He will renew their strength, we are more than a conquerer.”

@pweety_slimberry remarked: “You don’t need to feel for her ma’am she sent evil to you and Almighty God reverse it back to her God is good .”

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