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“You Are Cursed And Your Money Is Stained With Human Blood” –  Catholic Priest Attacks Boastful Rich People (Details below)



Rev. Fr. Achilles Mayanja, the Apostolic Administrator’s Delegate for Kampala Vicariate has blasted rich people who come to church and show off during big occasions.

During the Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, Rev. Fr. Mayanja said, “I’m always angered by these people (rich people), when we have big ceremonies, they are always the first here and they seat on the front row.

“Sometimes you wonder, do these rich people have sense in them. Many of them clearly know that they are not worthy (before God). They always want to sit on the front row seats, that is why when some of us see them we walk slowly to the back.”

Rev. Fr. Mayanja warned these rich people that, “You hear them bragging that they are supposed to sit here (infront), they don’t know that what the world adores, the Lord hates.

“They always put us under pressure, (they ask us) why haven’t you introduced so and so. But when you look at the person they want you to introduce, they look filthy in the sight of God. Their hearts are far away from God. That is why I don’t like chasing you (those who are not rich) from church. Because that Shs.100 you contribute helps build the church.”

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He asserted that when the rich come to church, they promise a lot of money but church priests have to chase them around to fulfil their promises.

“They come here and feel big… No no no. Most of these people’s hearts are far from God. So, should we always leave Jesus because the big men have come? I always see them here, but when the big events are done, you don’t see them again here.”

He added, “Some of these people, the cars they drive and the money they have is stained with people’s blood. That is why they are filthy in the sight of God, they are cursed.

“So let us love Jesus Christ, because he understands all of us. Lets us respect all the sacraments of the Lord,” Fr. Mayanja said.

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