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WONDERS! My Heartless Mother-In-Law Destroyed My Life Because I Married Her Daughter – A Man Cried Out (Details below)



I am a 46 years old man from Enugu state. I have a serious problem with my mother in law who has pushed me to a state of regret over my decision to marry her daughter.

My mother in law made me to be poor after getting married to her daughter 5 years ago owing to her mysterious and canterkerious demand for money that made me to reject her calls many times.

My mother in law always introduced different kinds of unproductive businesses to my wife that always end up in liquidation. My business associates are all now better than me financially due to my mother- in – law Spiritual remote control. She pretend as if she want me to be more prosperous, but in her heart of hearts she never mean well for me.

I couldn’t discover this untime until I became tired and sick of the behaviour of my mother in law. I went to see a spiritualist with my friend over his predicament for an unstable marrige . The Spiritualist called Queen Mother Spiritual temple.

Firstly told me to run away from my mother in law otherwise i will become poorer.

The Spiritualist further said my mother in law has submitted my name in their Marine kingdom to drain my purse until i becomes poor. I was surprised because instead of facing my friend who wanted to know the secret behind his unstable marrige. The Spiritualist first of all unfolded the reason why am getting poor every day.

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The man gave me two options to either divorce her daughter whom she has initiated in their kingdom or ran away from my marriage. The Spiritualist said doing either of these will requires a sacrifice that will block her Spiritual eyes from seeing me.

So i did the sacrifice as instructed by the Spiritualist and within 3 months. My wife told me that my mother in law wanted to make me extremely poor, My wife said she was secretly initiated , but will not allow me to become poorer any longer. My wife suggested that we should change our lines and place of living to keep off from my mother in law .

This were the words of my wife after her confession. Please what will i do now that my wife has confessed to me? Should i leave my wife because of her initiation or i should change my place of living with our phone numbers as suggested by my wife.

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