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“Why I Didn’t Run When Abacha Wanted To Arrest Me Even After I Was Informed About It” – Obasanjo Reveals (Details below)



The former president of Nigerian Olusegun Obasanjo said that when Sani Abacha wanted to arrest him, he was informed about it by an American ambassador, he was told that Sani Abacha was planning to arrest him. He didn’t run or try to hide from Abacha after hearing the news. He disclosed this during a leadership program he held with secondary school students.

The school held a program that is meant for future leadership and the roles of a good leader. So as Obasanjo was a leader, he was invited to the occasion to give a speech to the students during the occasion. This was the point when he told the students that he’d made a lot of mistakes in the past which he doesn’t want any one of them to make.

He started narrating some of the mistakes he made in the past. He said that after he was told that he was gonna be arrested, ignoring the advice to look for refuge was a great mistake in his life which would have led to his death at that time.

He was eventually sent to prison, then he came back to become the president of Nigeria. He advised the students to be careful in life so that they can avoid mistakes that they will regret later in the future.

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