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“When Peter Obi Campaigns, Many People Will Assemble To Support Him But They Won’t Vote For Him” – Kassim Afegbua Tells Nigerians (Details below)



During an interactive section between Channels Television and Kassim Afegbua, Afegbua said that many people will come out to support Peter Obi when the presidential campaign starts, but they won’t vote for him on the election day.

Afegbua said that everyone will face his party on the election day and play his game the way he likes it and ignore Peter Obi. The one who plays better wins the game.

He said that Peter Obi is a strong movement and that he has a lot of Nigerian youths supporting him, even if Peter Obi starts his campaign today, many youths will pull out to campaign for him.

He also added that the problem will be that, the people who came out to campaign for him will vote for different candidates on the election day and leave him behind.

Everyone who came out for the campaign won’t vote for him on election day. He also added that Peter Obi is not planning to produce votes for himself and his party at all.

When he’s supposed to support his candidate in Ekiti, he was nowhere to be found, is that how he wants to get his votes for leaving the country when he’s needed by his party candidate in Ekiti state?

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