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“We Are Ready For The Igbos Come 2023 General Election, Enough Is Enough” – PAYAN Reveals (Details below)



“This is a symbolic rally to warn the entire Igbos living in Lagos State against the assault on Yoruba heritage, our Oba and illustrious son Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, the APC Presidential candidate of 2023 general election.

We are sick of people who trample on our heritage even though they make their millions on our territory. The Yoruba will no longer accept the conscious attempt to turn us into slaves on our own land.

This is just a warning. More will come. Our actions will be determined by the proportional response to our demand that if you are living in Rome, you must respect the Pope.

If you are living in Yoruba land, you must show respect to our age-long values, solidarity and support to our illustrious son in his Presidential ambition who has made Lagos more comfortable for all of you, if not our land will not contain all of you. Dare us and taste our wrath.”

~ Pan-Yoruba National Alliance (PAYAN)

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