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Thugs Attacks Igbo Traders Who Went To Register For PVC In Lagos And Disrupt Registration Process (Video below)



Igbo traders who closed down Alaba International market, on Thursday, 9th of June to register for PVC in Ojo Igbede, Lagos, were attacked by thugs at the registration center.
Several videos showed people scampering to safety as thugs armed with machetes, bottle and stone gave the Igbo traders a hot chase.

In one of the videos, a man identified as a Northerner is seen spitting blood out of his mouth as a result of injuries he sustained, and when asked what happened, he said he doesn’t know why he was attacked by the thugs.

The voice behind the video said, they only went to Ojo Igbede, to register for their Permanent Voters Card, PVC, and some thugs were sent to attack them and disrupt the registration process.

Watch the video below.

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