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There Is A High Level Secret Meeting Going On Between Peter Obi Of Labor Party And Kwankwaso Of NNPP (Details below)



Both men have the biggest grassroot movement currently across Nigeria today for a New Nigeria.

Adamu Garba and Aisha are part of the persuasion team. (Omo who taught Adamu will join in such movement? this God is too much oh)

There is a serious passionate appeal from all the well meaning Nigerians across the country begging Kwankwaso to consider the permutation of being a Vice President to Peter Obi.

The secret meeting is on going. The consultation is very keen. If this goes through, omo this would produce the biggest social revolution in Nigeria.

If this happens it’s gonna be fatality in coming election..It will be an easy walk for them too. It will be straight kill of APC & PDP

Kwankwaso has a very water-tight track record of performance and accountability like Obi. He is a force up north.

Alhaji Tanko Bello of NNPP said to his boss Kwankwaso“ let’s do this for the sake of Nigeria and our children ”…

Let’s see what happens… but if this combo is birthed aka awuola.

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