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Slay Queen Almost Lost Her Life When Jumping From Storey Building After She Was Caught By The Married Man Wife (Video below)



A slay queen, presumably between the ages of 20 and 30, was captured on tape jumping a story building to flee another woman after she was found having an affair with a married guy.

If you look closely at the video, you can see this side woman gripping her garments and underpants while attempting to jump a story building.

The wife was furious and was going to hit her when the husband intervened and stopped her.

It’s unclear whether the wife came to meet her husband and the lady sleeping together, but the lady was virtually n*de.

As the husband struggled with the wife to keep her from abusing the side chick, the lady was forced to leap from a one-story structure and flee. This was due to the lack of an entrance near where she was standing.

The lady rushed to her heels after landing safely on the floor, holding her stuff. She was observed fleeing away from the married woman wearing only a brassiere and panties.

After seeing this video, some social media users suggested that the wife aim her rage at her husband.

The husband made the decision to bring another lady into their marriage. The side girl merely came in to do something she most likely hasn’t been doing for her husband.

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Watch video below

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