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SHOCKING: A Woman Who Did Money Ritual Cries Out About The Condition Involved (Details below)



A 30 years old lady in Anambra state said in order to keep her wealth she much sacrifice her lover and now she don’t know what to do next

The lady made this revelation during the yearly renewal of her money making Spiritual power. According to the woman she never use human blood to sacrifice the renewal, instead it will demand for goat and other animals, but this time around the Spiritual money making power demanded for my best lover .

She has solemnly begged for an alternative, but it refuses to accept my pleas on several occasions except the blood of my lover specifically. The lady said she have invested so much on him because she want to settle down with him and don’t want him to die.

In her quest for an alternative means to appease the spiritual money making power. She was introduced to a powerful Spiritualist who understands the language of the ancestors called Queen Mother Spiritual temple.

The Spiritualist was contacted and he asked her to visit him for solution. She promptly visited the Spiritualist the following day because she was given only 73 hours to do so other wise she will die instead of her lover.

The Spiritualist having heard from her consulted the ancestors for solution and she was asked to buy a live tortoise and pigeon to do a sacrifice within 12 hours. She started looking for the tortoise and the pigeon for almost 6 hours before she was able to get them.

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She brought them to the Spiritualist and the sacrifice was urgently done to appease the gods before she and her lover was set free from the debacle. Immediately after the sacrifice the Spiritualist asked her to go and settle down with her lover to avoid future occurrence.

The Spiritualist said the only solution is when she got married to her lover. The future demand of money making power will not be human blood, but if she postphone the marrige it will be dangerous for both of them.

She therefore went home and explained to her lover and they finally settled down . Now her fear is palpable about the future demand of the money making power , despite the explanation of the Spiritualist. She needs your advice in case the spiritual money making power eventually demand for human blood.what would she do because she cannot stop or decline using the power to make money.

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