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“Real Reason I Went Into P0rn Acting” – Ex-Blue Film Actress Savage TrapQueen Reveals (Video below)



Ededey Eworitsemogha Joy, popularly known as Savage Trapqueen, revealed that she delved into porn because of “ego and teenage exuberance”.
In an interview with TVC at the time, Savage TrapQueen also disclosed that she regretted all her actions thereafter.

“I had everything. I never lacked a thing. All my needs were fulfilled by my parents. Family was there for me and I got love from everyone. I wanted to become a nun, go in [sic] the convent. I’d always been a church girl, from a catholic family,” she had said.

“I was also a chapel prefect in high school. When it comes to upbringing, I had the best one coupled with the fact that my mum was a proprietress.

“I went into porn eventually cause I had this ego and teenage exuberance that wanted independence.”

Savage TrapQueen discouraged teenagers who have the ambition of becoming a pornstar. She explained how she was lured into acting porn.

“I had this friend who invited me to join her in doing a reality show. I was 22. Being a person who loved being in the limelight, I told her I was in but, when we got there, what I saw was different,” she said.

“Any porn star or company in Nigeria trying to talk you into the business and promising you to give you a record deal or that you’ll be successful, just look at their lifestyle. They’re not living well. They’re just faking it.

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“To juveniles out there, going into porn is a no-no. Please don’t because It’s going to come back at you.”

Furthermore, Savage TrapQueen registered her primordial drive.

According to the former adult movie star, she was rejected by movie directors and stripped of her title as the second runner-up for a pageantry contest she later got a shot at.

This, she said, came on the premise of her being an ex-porn star and dashed her hopes.

“Whether or not one accepts it, porn is definitely going to bounce back in a negative way. In recent times, when I call producers, they tell me they can’t call me for a movie because the artistes say they don’t want a pornstar on the set. I’m still paying for it,” she said.

“Growing up, I had this teenage dream of Kim Kardashian, reality shows, catwalk, runways and all. I tried to make it work. Unfortunately, I was told I had all it took to be a pageant queen but not the money because I had to buy my way in. I cried.

“I wanted to go through pageantry and modelling but it didn’t work for me. I tried going through music as my way into fame because I loved trap songs, hence the name Trap Queen, but it still didn’t work out.”

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Watch her full interview below:

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