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Peter Obi Should Stop Telling Lies That Will Mess Up His Personality And Capacity – Zara Onyiye Lament (Video below)



Zara Onyinye, a politician and member of the All progressives congress has been using her Facebook account to share her opinion concerning issues affecting Nigeria, she also uses it to campaign for the candidates of her party, and recently she has been using it to talk about Peter Obi and his supporters.

Some people were probably thinking that she is using her platform to slander Peter Obi, so she decided to clear the air on what she is really doing.

Zara Onyinye said that some people do not understand the meaning of the word “used”, Zara then went further to state that she is not slandering Peter Obi but she is simply saying that Peter Obi should stop telling lies. She asked people if they want her to support lies in the name of loving Peter Obi.

Zara Onyinye said people should be commending her for telling Peter Obi to stop telling lies that is messing up his personalities, she said Peter Obi should be building his capacity on what is real instead of telling lies.

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