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Nigerian Abroad Shocked As He Discovers An N880 Bread In The UK Is Sold For N7,500 In Nigeria (Photos below)



A Nigerian in the diaspora has got many talking after sharing a picture of a sliced bread sold in the United Kingdom for N880. He had argued that the bread shouldn’t be sold for more than N3,500 in Nigeria after the cost of importation and the intended profit have been put into consideration.

To the surprise of many, it was discovered that the same bread is being sold at an outrageous price in Nigeria. A sliced bread being sold in the United Kingdom has become a hot topic on social media platform Twitter owing to the great difference it is being sold in Nigeria.

Abroad-based Twitter user @McCartney shared a picture of a sliced bread stating that it is just £1.70 (N880) in the UK.

According to him, it shouldn’t be sold for more than N3,500 which is arrived at after including the cost of importation and intended profit.

Holding the bread side by side a shelf with a N7,500 tag, the man marvelled at the outrageous price it is being sold for in Nigeria. He wrote:

“This is a UK bread and its just £1.70 clearly factoring importation and profit it should not be more than N3,500 but thievery. We deserve our leaders thoroughly.”

See the tweet below:

Social media users react
@OluOkunnu said:

“You seem to be implying that it is made in the UK, but alas it has a France address with French written all over it. It’s like calling it a Nigerian bread because it found its way to a store shelf in PH.”

@micwilliann said:

“I understand you but that’s the reason we hate monopoly, u don’t really need to eat this type of bread when you can easily get another for N500. Bread no be cement wey na only Dangote and Elephant dey do, in fact I fit vex bake my own for oven.”

@BankoleTO said:

“I don’t think consumption choices work that way, you can’t gaslight people into buying Nigerian products.

“If it tastes the same, no sane person will buy 7,500 bread instead 450 Nigerian slice break.

“It’s not Ojukokoro, it’s economics.”

@omolarawrites said:

“Why are we importing bread in the first place? If you want to eat UK bread go to Uk. There are literally 1 million bakeries in Nigeria. Olojukokoro no go kill some ppl.”

Okonjo-Iweala says there would be a global increase in the prices of bread.

Meanwhile, previously reported that WTO DG Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala had warned that there would be a global increase in the prices of bread owing to the Russia-Ukraine war.

According to her, the war in Ukraine will hurt wheat consumers as the country is a major exporter of wheat.

“At the WTO, we have watched this tragedy in Ukraine unfold with disbelief and the hope that it would have been peacefully resolved,” the statement reads.

“However, this is now the 7th day, and we are deeply saddened by the continued suffering and loss of life. We pray that there will be a peaceful and quick resolution…”

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