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“My Wicked Wife Abandoned Me In The Hospital, Came Back And Told People I Was Dead” – Man Without Limbs Spills (Details below)



A man identified as Basirigara Theodomir has recounted how he was abandoned by his wife in the hospital at a time he needed her the most.

Speaking with Afrimax English, the man who is a father of seven disclosed that his wife abandoned him after he lost his hands and legs because she noticed he couldn’t contribute meaningfully to the family any longer.

Theodomir who was a security man said he used to be normal like everyone else, but one day, he went to jog, he jogged about 3 kilometers and when he came back to take his bath, the strange thing occurred.

According to him, immediately he poured water on his body, his legs and hands froze and after visiting hospitals and traditionalists for a solution, nothing positive came out.

The man claimed that his wife actually wanted him to die due to her behavior towards him. He said she left him in the hospital and came home to tell everyone he had died before finally abandoning him despite having 7 children together.

The man whose children are now grown-ups sells sugarcane despite his condition and fortunately for him, he has gotten another woman who is happy to be with him despite criticisms.

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