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My Heartless Wife Was Busy Sleeping With My Best friend While I Was fighting For My Life At The Hospital – Man Sadly Narrate (Details below)



A Canadian-based Ghanaian man has revealed how his wicked wife and best friend betrayed him while he was fighting for his life at the hospital. Narrating his ordeal to a Youtuber called daily hustle, the man who goes by the name Samuel Opoku could not believe it when he found out his wife had slept with his best friend.

According to him, he sponsored his wife to join him in Canada and took good care of her. He also made sure she was happy and well taken care of. However, he fell ill and spent a lot of time-fighting for his life at the hospital. But instead of his wife taking care of him, she was busy sleeping with his best friend.

” I realized my friend and my wife have been sleeping together for a year now. I was so pissed and heartbroken. I could not believe my friend could do this to me. I have cut ties with my friend over his betrayal and I can’t wait to divorce my wife and teach her a lesson.” he stated.

He went ahead to advise people to stop trusting their friends because they will always betray them.

“There is one thing Ghanaians living abroad are fond of doing. If they see you with a beautiful wife, they set you up for you to be deported or imprisoned so that they can use the opportunity to sleep with your wife. I don’t have any friends since that incident.

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“I have lost trust in humanity. I only do what makes me happy and think of ways to make more money and enjoy myself. As for my wicked friend and my adulterous wife, they will pay for their betrayal”. He bemoaned.

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