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“My Father Surrendered Himself To Gunmen As They Were Pumping Bullets Into Our Toilet Hideout” – Young Lady Narrates (Details below)



Upon a visit to the country home of Zakari Umaru Kigbu, a former federal commissioner with the National Population Commission (NPC) assassinated by gunmen on May 28, it was easy to realise that his death amounted to losing a gem and life support for members of his immediate and extended families.

The gloomy faces and the sober mien that pervaded his country home in Azuba Bashayi, Lafia Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, were proofs that his family was shattered by his death.

The gunmen had also kidnapped one of his sons, 22-year-old Umar Musa Anzaku and one of his relations Hadiza Zakari, who is about 30 years old. The duo was kidnapped after Kigbu was killed and all the phones in the house were collected except the one belonging to him, which he was said to have used in making calls to the police before he was killed.

Aged 60, the retired Air Force officer was untill his death a lecturer at the Department of Mass Communication, lsa Mustapha Agwai Polytechnic, Lafia (IMAP).

According to one of the sympathisers who thronged the family house upon learning about his death, the deceased lecturer was the sole breadwinner of the family of six because his wife had no job.

As tears flowed freely from family members and friends and neighbours battled to console the deceased’s widow and children, our correspondent was not spared of the outflow of emotions, especially when his 29-year-old daughter, Umaru Hajiya Asheku, tearfully narrated how her father was killed by his attackers.

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Asheku said: “I am the fifth of Zakari Umaru Kigbu’s children and his only daughter.

“On that fateful day, I was in the parlour of our house with my father, mother and siblings, watching a programme on the television.

“While we were watching the TV, my father and mother went into their room to sleep. Some of my siblings also went in to sleep, because the incident happened around 11pm

“I was left in the parlour with one of my brothers who was transferring some files to his computer.

“Suddenly, we heard a gunshot in our compound. One of my siblings immediately ran to lock the kitchen door leading to the backyard.

“Some of us ran into our father’s room to hide while others went to hide in our mother’s room.

“The criminals, who were fully armed, forced the entrance door open and were coming straight to our father’s room.

“When my father noticed that they were coming towards his room, he told all of us in the room to go out and hide in the store.

“The attackers tried to break his door but they could not because it is a strong door, so they began to search for us.

“When we noticed that they could easily find us in the store, we went into our mother’s toilet to hide while praying that God should help us out of the situation.

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“They kept searching for us in the house and they were wondering where we could be.

“While they were searching all over the house, they heard us whispering in the toilet where we were hiding.

“They then asked us to come out or they would break down the door and shoot all of us.

“Because we were scared, we refused to come out, so, they told some of their members who were standing outside to shoot us through the toilet window.

“So, they started shooting but we were all bending down while they were shooting.

“As the attack went on, my father made several attempts to call the police and the military to come to our aid but he did not get a positive response.

“So, he had no other option but to come out of his room in order to protect us, and that was when they shot him.

“When we heard the gunshot, we all rushed out and saw him on the ground in a pool of blood.”

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