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Mother Cries Out After Her Son She Sent Abroad Changed Into A Woman Through Surgery (Details below)



On Twitter, a US-based American cross-dresser shared a message from his mother eliciting reactions from Twitter users. Cherryprecum a cross dresser has descended on his mother for calling him son and referring to him as a boy instead of a girl.

Cherryprecum, who undergone surgery to become a girl is very angry with his mother after failing to acknowledge him as a girl. Cherry was a boy now a girl after surgery shared messages his mother sent to him addressing him as his son, begging him to change that his father will be very devastated in his grave if he finds out he changed his.

The mother sent her son bunch of messages crying and begging him to change back to a boy he used to be. His mother was not in support of him changing his , meanwhile cherry is very angry that her mother fails to see him as a girl.

Cherry has cautioned his mother to be addressing him as a girl since he undergone surgeries to become a girl. The mother hopes one day he will come back to his senses and change back his . He happens to be his on son she sold her late husband properties to send him abroad to study.

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