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Main Reason Why Sunday Igboho Is Trending Following The Killings In Owo (Details below)



A Catholic church was attacked in Ondo State this morning and it was a bloody attack as dozens of people have been confirmed to be dead by news reports.

The reports coming from Owo, Ondo state seems scary and video that is circulating on the social media is not a nice one at all.

The Church attack in Ondo State exposed another thing that Nigeria is suffering from, the attacks once again proved that the level of insecurity in the country is alarming and we can not even dictate what will happen the next minute again.

After news of the attack hit the media, one of the things that became a trending topic on social media is the name “Sunday Igboho”.

The yoruba activist name became a trending topic on Twitter and his name was mentioned on the app because of the recent attack in Ondo.

Nigerians on the app shared their opinions and most people recalled what the key point in Sunday Igboho’s fight was, which was fight against the criminal activities going on in Yoruba land which reports showed that was not carried out by the Yorubas.

His fight was against the Fulani bandits that are carrying out criminal operations in Yoruba land.

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