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Jim Nwobodo Gives Main Reasons Why Peter Obi Does Not Stand A Chance In The Forthcoming Election (Details below)



The Former Governor of Old Anambra State, Dr. Jim Nwobodo has spoken ahead of the 2023 Presidential Election. The Elder statesman and PDP Chieftain said that no other candidate can defeat Atiku Abubakar in the 2023 presidential Election.

Dr. Jim Nwobodo was interviewed by Vanguard Newspaper and according to him, Peter Obi does not stand a chance in the forthcoming election. He said he was sad when he heard that Peter Obi defected to Labour Party to become the party’s presidential candidate and that when he called him to ask him why he took the decision, Peter Obi told him that something happened. He told him he would have sought for his counsel before making such move.

On why Peter Obi does not stand a chance, Jim Nwobodo said in every country where democracy is practised, there are always two important political parties. He said in America, it is the Republican and the Democrats, while in Britain, it is Labour and Conservatives. He said in Nigeria, the two most important parties are APC and PDP and that someone from a smaller party cannot emerge as president. He said even in America and Britain, someone from a smaller party has never emerged as president.

On why he is supporting Atiku Abubakar, Jim Nwobodo said he is the only one that has the interest of the Igbos at heart, and that he would have since picked Peter Obi as running mate had it been the Presidential Candidate of Labour Party didn’t leave PDP. He said Igbo Presidency can only come through PDP and that Aminu Tambuwal who was a Presidential Aspirant saw that he was not going to make it that was why he stepped down for Atiku whom he knows will carry the Igbos along.

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Summary of the reasons Jim Nwobodo gave why Peter Obi does not stand a chance

1. He joined a small party.

2. APC and PDP are the most important political parties in Nigeria.

What is your take on this?

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