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“Is Your Skin Real” – Oyinbo Children Surprised After Bumping Into Little Black Boy (Details below)



Some oyinbo children were recently filmed touching and admiring a little black boy whom they met during an occasion.

Apparently, the children were coming in contact with a black kid for the first time and they kept on checking if he’s real.

One of the children, a girl, held his hands and smiled deeply while also trying to confirm if his colour can wash off.

At a point, another kid thought he rubbed chocolate on his skin and he immediately licked his fingers after touching the black boy.

The video was shared on TikTok by @hairammatovu and it has generated thousands of views and comments since it surfaced on the app.

Hopeful_sharon said:

“Skin that absorbs the sun, and hair that defies gravity…black is powerful .” Thaa_foxx noted: “There so curious but not afraid and there smiling true human kindness.”

Dleeyah1 reacted:

“The little girl can’t let go of his hand, she wants to take a bite!” Thegoodmanson remarked: “❤️❤️little girl wipe the skin and take a look if something black left on her handthis is Beautiful .”

Sunisneberger commented:

“This is just so beautiful, when differences meet and admire each other’s beauty, the little girl was obsessed with his melanin rich skin.”

Meanwhile, previously reported that an American divorcee simply identified as Sheila has tied the knot with Nigerian man she met on social media platform Facebook.

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The excited mum with kids took to TikTok to capture and narrate how she found love and eventually married the Nigerian. According to Sheila, she has been divorced for 14 years and had always dreamt of settling down to a Nigerian man of her dreams – she just had a thing for Nigerian men.

Her hubby whose name wasn’t given had sent a friend request on Facebook through a mutual friend, Sheila narrates.

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