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“Igbo Youths Are Just Making Noise On Social Media About Collecting PVC, Northerners And Westerners Aren’t But Do You Know Why? ” – Joe Igbokwe Lament (Details below)



Joe Igbokwe was on his Facebook account this afternoon to address youths from the south eastern part of the country making noise about obtaining their permanent voters card. Joe Igbokwe noted that Igbo youths are shouting and making all the noise about collecting their PVC on social media but the youths from the south west and northern part of the country are getting their voters card without making noise and also without insulting anyone. Joe Igbokwe then concluded his statement by telling them that the judgement day is coming.

I think the Igbo youths should learn from the observation of Joe Igbokwe, he is an elder, he comes from the south east and he has a lot of experience on election matters so he understands what he is saying. The youths should try as much as as possible to reduce their noise making and also learn from what the youths of other regions are doing on social media.

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