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I Thought He Was Just A Business Man But Not Knowing He Wants My Pant For Ritual – Young Lady Narrates (Details below)



A charming 24 years old lady from Akwa Ibom state who fell in love with a business man based in Abuja narrowly escaped been used for money ritual.

She was said to have passed the night in an hotel with a business man where he secretly put her pant inside his bag when she was taking her bath.

As she came out from the bath she wanted to put on her dresses .She discovered her pant was no where to be found. She asked the man about the where about of the pants and he bluntly refused to tell her.

She continues to search for the pants, but was unable to see the pants. The lady was worried and decided to consult her closest friends who introduced her to Chief Dr Francis Spiritual.

She contacted the spiritualist and booked appointment with him the next day. When she got to the Spiritual home the following day. Chief Dr Francis consulted the ancestors and it was revealed that the business man who took her to the hotel stole the pants for money ritual.

The lady was confused as she cannot trace the man. Calls to his phone line became unreachable. As she began to lament over her situation. The Spiritualist said she should rush to the market and buy a new pants and wear it for 30 minutes and bring it to him in order to provide solution for her problem.

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She went to the market and bought a new pants and wore it as instructed and brought back to the Spiritualist. Chief Dr Francis used the new pants as a contact point to neutralized the one that has been stolen.

Threes days later, the phone of the lady ranged and she discovered it was the man who stole her pants. He called to notified her that he actually stole her missing pants, but the pants is not useful for the purpose in which it was stoled . Therefore she should come to the round about where they met last before moving to the hotel for the collection of her pants.

She became jittery hearing this, but called the Spiritualist about it who told her to go and collect it but don’t wear it. She went there and the pants was obviously there. She picked it and follow the instructions of the Spiritualist to disposed it off.

Ladies are by this medium advised to safe guide their personal belongings whenever they want to have affairs with their estranged love ones in hotel. Or contact Chief Dr Francis for Spiritual solution,if any thing similar to the issue above peradventure happens.

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