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“I Cant Satisfy My Man In Bed, I Can’t Perform Certain Styles” – Lady With Disability Cries Out (Details below)



Sinikiwe Kademaunga, a Zimbabwean disabled lady, admitted to struggling to feel comfortable in her own skin. The disabled lady confessed that she struggled with her physique before getting married.

Sinikiwe claimed that she used to feel self-conscious about her body and had tried suicide multiple times.

She claimed that people used to make fun of her and refer to her as a thing. She claimed she detested men and never imagined falling in love.

She claimed she used to stand nude in front of the mirror and look at herself. She saw a motivational video by Nick Vujicic, an Australian American Christian Evangelist, one day, and it motivated her to start loving herself and giving guys a chance.

She met her husband, they married and they had children, but she finds it difficult to satisfy her husband because of her little body, despite the fact that her husband is kind, and caring, and has revealed to her that he loves her and her body regardless.

Sinikiwe is upset since she is unable to satisfy her spouse and cannot execute certain actions in bed due to her infirmity.

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