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How Ritual Was Finally Performed To Allow Humans To Touch 17yrs Old Thunder Victim’s Corpse (Details below)



Finally, this is how powerful rituals and incantation was finally performed to allow human beings to touch the corpse of the 17 yesrs old boy who was sadly killed by lightning and thunder.

During the Rituals, a chief priest squatted around a Coffin. He blew some flames in the air. After that, they placed some leaves on the corpse and lifted it into the Coffin.

Interestingly, the powerful priest lifted the corpse while wearing white hand gloves.

After his untimely death yesterday, nobody was allowed to touch his body for the fear of the wrath of the gods. The 17 years old boy was reportedly struck down by thunder and lightening. He was selling coconut when the unfortunate incident happened.

You can click on the link below to watch the full ritual as shared by Citi TV on their official Facebook page. It was really a sad but interesting scene. The interesting aspect was when the Rituals Was been performed.

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