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High School Students Recorded ‘Chopping’ Themselves In A School Bus During School Trip (Video below)



Video footage showing pupils aboard a Midland High School bus evidently enjoying each other on one of Kampala’s highways is making the rounds on social media.

According to the body motions in the video, they were chewing on each other non-stop.

A few female students can be seen dancing on top of their male counterparts through the clear windows, with all parties enjoying both the performance and the fact that the bus is briefly stopped, extending the journey.

Midland High School Kawempe has issued a forceful statement in response to the incident in which the school’s bus was caught stuck in traffic as female students on board snuggled on the laps of their male colleagues.

The kids claimed to have been on their way to the Jinja agricultural exhibition on Friday when they decided to put on a show for the bystanders.

Midland High School administration has publicly distanced itself from the pupils and their behavior. The school claims that their sole culpability is because they own the bus.

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