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‘God Has Been Calling Me For A Long Time’ – James Brown Opens Up



Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has said that his rise to fame in the country and beyond was ordained by God..

According to James Brown, his popularity was predestined and God had been calling him to be part of showbiz for a while.

He said, “God has been calling me (for a long time). Before I became popular, I had always dreamt of this life. Immediately I became popular, I knew what to do.”

James Brown further urged fans to be risk-taker. He said, “Take the risk; it is worth it. You may lose your friends and family along the line, but it will all be worth it at the end of the day. I don’t have any regrets about who I am.”

On his book, Mr. Brown who recently launched his book,The Chronicles of an African Princess said he became an author to let people know about what he went through before getting to this stage of his life.

He said, “I wrote the book, ‘The Chronicles of an African Princess’ because I want to tell my story unfiltered, unedited and to show people how real I am.”

“The book will change the narrative about me. There are many things people don’t know about me. People don’t know my hobbies or what I love eating. Also, people don’t know that I gave my life to (Jesus) Christ sometime ago.

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